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Meet Sinj metal

Sinj metal first embarked on their musical voyage of discovery together as a tight-knit Heavy Metal Band in 2000. But their origin goes back earlier to when the band members grew up listening to a variety of musical genres that played an influential role in shaping their paths as musicians and ultimately led them to join forces.

Sinj metal has collectively found their signature sound and offers something different and unique to their fans by creating and sharing original music that is unmistakably unique.

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Rock Lead Singer

A Musical Collaboration

Perfect Harmony

Coming together to form a professional Heavy Metal Band back in 2000, the collaborative efforts of Sinj metal were born out of a strong desire to make a living doing what they loved the most: playing music.

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Jesse Neimus

Lead Singer

Jesse Neimus has been with Sinj metal from the start. As the Lead Singer, Jesse Neimus takes on quite a lot of responsibility, from fine-tuning the musical arrangements to assisting other members with perfecting performances.

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Morgan James


A Heavy Metal Band wouldn't be complete without its Guitarist. Sinj metal couldn’t have asked for a greater talent than Morgan James, who plays an instrumental role in the success and musical progression of the group.

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Reese Whiteman


Reese Whiteman is truly a shining star. Crowds always love seeing the band in full performance mode, and Sinj metal couldn’t be happier to have such an incredible Drummer up on stage and in the studio.

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